How do I pay for Yepa services?

How do I pay for Yepa services?

Yepa adopt a payment system that separates a charge from a payment. This makes it possible to pre-pay for services and then deduct fees over time from the balance. Having few, higher, payments cuts back overhead costs, allowing us to offer even cheaper services.


Prior to registering domains, order PEC email addresses or purchasing hosting services, you must deposit funds into your account. We recommend pre-paying at least one month worth of credit in advance.

Activation Fee

There is no activation fee to create a new account. You can start just now by clicking here.

Payment Methods

Yepa will accept pre-payment by wire transfer, credit card, Bitcoin, and Paypal. Depending on the payment method you choose, and volume, applying your payment to your account balance can take up to two business days from us receiving your payment.


Yepa will refund any unused portion of your account balance within two weeks after receiving a written request.

Balance check

You will be able to check your current account balance at anytime using the Yepa Web Interface.