How can I upload a web page on my site?

How can I upload a web page on my site?

This kind of operations, is very easy. You just need:

  • a FTP Client
  • Userid and Password to access to your site

The FTP parameters will be send to you during the domain activation process. If you are in trouble in choice an FTP client, you can take a look here.

Usually, every FTP client have similar graphic interfaces so you will see on the left windows all your local files and directories, while on the right one you will see your web site's files and directories. Through this interface you can easily upload and download your web pages.

Another way to access your Web site by a FTP connection, is to use directly the web browser, writing this on the address bar:


This method is faster than other, but it's quite limited, because using this way, you can't modify files' permissions, switch between ASCII and BINARY mode (every ftp client automatically do this) etc.